✽ Our Vision :

The Board of Directors of the Organization has formulated a vision till 2030 as follows. cIt is said that "No Vision, No Orgation" Vision is a bridge but it is not visible Vision is what will your business be in the next ten years? how will it be where will be

Because of vision, all the team gets clarity, everyone gets the direction of work and everyone starts working together. You know what to do when you wake up every day. Vision is like a river. There are many obstacles in the river. Like stones, sand, trees, garbage, it makes its way. She doesn't stop. Similarly, while doing business, there are many difficulties, then those difficulties are overcome only by Organizations with vision because they have thought about the next 10 years.
E.g. Demonetisation crisis, Covid-19, employee desertion, etc.

Organizations that do not have a vision do not know where and when they want to go, they are always doing anything and saying hum honge kayam ek din !
Good days don't come, they have to be brought, so Aadhaar has created a vision as follows.
✽ Vision 2030
  • The jurisdiction of the Organization will be Maharashtra and Karnataka.
  • The Organization will have total 10 branches.
  • The Organization will have a total of 100 employees.
  • The Organization will have a total of 100 pygmy agents.
  • The deposits of the Organization will be 100 crores.
  • The loan disbursement of the Organization will be 75 crores.
  • The Organization's own fund will be 25 crores.
  • The investment of the Organization will be 50 crores.
  • The profit of the Organization will be 25 crores.
  • The combined business of the Organization will be 175 crores.
  • The Organization will have 2 lakh members by 2030.
  • The Organization will be number one in the country in terms of quality.
    ✽ Conversion of the institution into a bank :
  • By 2030, credit institutions will transform into banks.
  • The entire operation will be digital.
  • By 2030, the entire operation will be paperless.
    ✽ Social Commitment :
  • The Organization will start high quality schools and Vastigraha for the children of its members, directors and employees.
  • The Organization will honor the individuals who are working in the interest of the society in different areas of the Organization by giving awards.
  • The Organization will organize informative lectures for members, employees and directors.
  • The Organization will felicitate meritorious students every year.
  • The Organization will organize a health camp for the members, directors and employees of the Organization.
  • The Organization will help women members to become self-reliant by convincing them of the right of savings and financial literacy by providing loans through self-help groups.
  • The Organization will organize a get together every year for all employees, directors and families of pygmy agents.
  • The Organization will distribute booklets, books, pens and uniforms to the poor and needy children of the members.
  • The Organization will celebrate the birth anniversary of the great man every year.
  • The Organization will cremate the bereaved persons in the area of operation.
  • The Organization will adopt a village in the area of operation and provide sanitation, tree plantation, education, water management and financial literacy etc. to the people of that village. It will work to create awareness.
  • Each branch will have a high quality Vastigraha for the children of members, directors and staff.
  • The Organization will help the directors and employees of the Organization to get housing.
  • The Organization will provide loans for higher education of children of directors, employees, members.
  • The branch will have quarters for the branch officers of the Organization.