Aadhaar Multistate Co-op Credit Society Limited Majalgaon has brought you other attractive services.
✽ Mobile Banking :
मोबाईल बँकिंग
In the coming era of mobile and internet, there will be no bank but banking, so recognizing the steps of time, mobile banking facility has been made available for the members through mobile app.
Do it through this
R.T.G.S. / N.E.F.T. facility.
Can transfer money.
I.M.P.S. facility.
Can keep account statement and balance.
✽ Light bill payment facility:
लाईट बिल भरणा सुविधा
Considering the needs of the members, the organization has provided the facilities of light bill, phone bill, mobile and TV recharge
✽ S. M. S. banking :
एस. एम. एस. बँकिंग
In order to bring transparency in the transactions of the organization and not to cheat the customers, information about every transaction of the members of the bank is sent via SMS. This facility has been started to be available through (SMS).
✽ Misscall alert facility :
मिसकॉल अलर्ट सुविधा
The amount credited to the member's account will be sent to the mobile by SMS. (SMS) The organization has created a Miss Call Alert facility for this purpose. Therefore, if the members give a missed call to the number 08045936022 from their registered mobile, their account balance will be sent to their mobile immediately via SMS.
✽ A.T.M. :
ए.टी.एम. सुविधा
Aadhaar Micro ATM The facility has been launched. In this, the customer can use any bank's ATM. 40,000/- using Rs. Cash can be withdrawn up to There are no charges for it. However, customers should take advantage of this.
✽ L. i. C. Installment payment facility :
एल. आय. सी. हप्ता भरणा सुविधा
L from any branch of Aadhaar. i. C. (LIC) installment payment facility is provided. This is benefiting the customers a lot.