Aadhaar Multistate Co-op Credit Society Limited Majalgaon has brought you convenient and attractive deposit schemes.
✽ Fix Deposite :
मुदत ठेव
In this scheme, every member of the organization can keep the following amount as fixed deposit from 7 days to 365 days as per their financial capacity from minimum 100 rupees.
In this scheme, senior citizens, widows, disabled, ex-servicemen, pensioners etc. No 0.5% interest rate is given more.
✽ Double the price :
दाम दुप्पट ठेव
In this scheme, the members of the organization can provide for their children's education, marriage etc. From a minimum of 100 rupees, the price can be doubled. There is no age requirement for it.
In Aadhaar, the premium is doubled in 84 months.
✽ One and a half times :
दाम दीडपट ठेव
In this scheme, the members of the organization can provide for their children's education, marriage etc. From a minimum of 100 rupees, the price can be One and a half. There is no age requirement for it.
In Aadhaar, the scheme is One and a half price for 45 months.
✽ Monthly interest earning deposit plan(MIS):
मासिक व्याज प्राप्ती ठेव योजना
This scheme is popular among pensioners, senior citizens and ex-servicemen. 1000/- onwards any amount can be invested for a minimum period of 12 months and beyond.
There is no age requirement for this and the interest of the amount you invest in the scheme is credited to your savings account on the 1st of every month.
✽ V. i. P. saving :
व्ही. आय. पी. सेव्हिंग
This scheme is made keeping in mind the time limit of big officials and businessmen. In this, if an account is opened from 1000, interest is paid every month on the amount deposited in the said account like a fixed deposit scheme. There are no restrictions on withdrawals and deposits and no deductions.
In short transactions with savings and interest but f. D. Gets Hence this scheme has become popular among the officers and business people.
✽ Damini Saving :
दामिनी सेव्हिंग
This scheme is designed for officers and business women. It is not possible for female officers to go to the bank to fix the amount deposited in their savings account and to renew it on time. So Aadhaar has started Damini Savings for them.
If this account is opened with a deposit of 1000/-, interest is paid and there is no obligation to withdraw or deposit money. In short, the transaction of saving and interest, however, F. D. Gets This scheme is popular among women.
✽ Special Savings :
स्पेशल सेव्हिंग
This scheme is specially designed for traders, doctors, petrol pumps, grocers, etc. is started for This has created the convenience of depositing the day's cash into their accounts at night, as traders used to have to carry the cash accumulated with them to the street or home after their day's business.
Also in this, the bank employee comes to the shop and takes the cash and if it returns, it is taken to the shop and the amount deposited in this account is Rs. 8% interest is also earned.
✽ Bright Baby's Future Scheme :
उज्वल बाळ भविष्य योजना
This scheme is designed to provide for the future of the members' children. This scheme is long term and one time investment is required. Also we can start this scheme from the little born baby in the name of the elders. (In this one can invest any amount from Rs.5000/- onwards)
In this, 80% of the deposit amount is loaned immediately in times of difficulty.
✽ Shubmangal Deposit Scheme(R.D.):
शुभमंगल ठेवा योजना
This scheme is launched with the intention of enabling common people to fulfill their future dreams from their small shops and to inculcate the habit of saving.
In this, one has to pay only once a month for three years. Accidental insurance cover is also provided for this scheme.
✽ Lakshadhish Deposit Scheme :
लक्षाधीश ठेव योजना
This scheme has been started to fulfill the various wishes of the customers and fulfill their dream of becoming a millionaire as it takes a lot of hard work to accumulate one lakh rupees in their life.
The duration of this scheme is from 1 year to 5 years. You can choose the amount and duration of your facility.
✽ Daily Deposit/Regular Deposit (Pigmi Deposite):
दैनंदिन ठेव नित्य ठेव
This plan is designed for small and large businesses. As per the saying Thembe Thembe Tale Sache, some amount from our daily income can be saved every day and can be withdrawn immediately if needed.
Also in this at least Rs.10/- per day. 5000/- to Rs. can be deposited. Also after 6 months your accumulated amount will be Rs. 4% interest rate and after three months the principal amount is returned and in case of difficulty you can get 80% loan of your deposit.
✽ Dream Deposit Scheme:
दैनंदिन ठेव नित्य ठेव
This scheme has been launched to fulfill the dream of the customers.
|    Deposit Amount        ⤍  Amount received after 110 months
|   5000/-   ⤍  15000/-
|  10000/-  ⤍  30000/-
|  25000/-  ⤍  75000/-
|  50000/-  ⤍  150000/-
| 100000/- ⤍  300000/-
| 200000/- ⤍  600000/-